To the women who fancy subtle clothes and are mostly found in the clothing section that reflects comfort and reliability – we heard you! Angrakhaa stands for comfort and prioritizes your overall well-being when it comes to clothing, literally. Being a brand name that speaks for itself, we have breathable collection that is not only relaxing but also sets a benchmark for quality and trend.
The need of omnipresent Indian clothing trend which is soaked in contemporary style, vibrant colors, and elegance led us to bring Angrakhaa for you. What came to us as a random idea in 2017, became a brand in 2018 and is now cultivating and promoting a positive clothing culture in the fashion industry.

The sole aim of Angrakhaa is to encourage all women to believe that there exists a brand that just wants them to dress up irrespective of anything and everything that stops them from doing so. Angrakhaa isn’t just a label, it’s a feeling of acceptance and our clothes radiate the warmth of body positivity.

One thing we’ll never stop boasting about Angrakhaa is that we are here to create a wider boundary and not a higher wall. The size inclusivity allows our women to get a custom-made dress for themselves at zero extra cost and pocket friendly investment.

Our work ethics are not only fair for people associated with us but also lays down a sustainable path for them. Considering the current environmental issues, we are proud to mention that Angrakhaa is a zero-waste brand that recycles and tucks in the fabric love in labels, accessories, and packaging.

Meet our FoundersAngrakhaa, a women led brand, is run by Vishakha Bhaskkar & Asana Riamei founded in 2018. 

Vishakha Bhaskar, the creative co-founder of Angrakhaa is the heart of the brand who looks after all the aesthetics you notice on the feed, website, and of course, the collection! An economics graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce and a body positivism blogger, she changes her professional direction quite early in her career and has a rich working experience with renowned designers of the industry. Her knowledge varies from merchandising and curating a collection from scratch to managing a brand and looking after the accounts. When Vishakha isn’t indulged in cooking up something special for Angrakhaa, you’ll find her ideas scattered in re-doing her room or simply humming a song in solitude. 
Asana Riamei is the brain of the brand looking after all things technical ensuring the creative energy flows without hiccups. She's versatile and hard-working with a reservoir of spontaneous ideas. Her 14 years of experience in fashion merchandising is where the brilliance in Angrakhaa roots from. A day in Asana's life in Angrakhaa involves accounting, merchandising, and managing vendors. The adventure lover in her often escapes from everyday hustle to explore beautiful places and treat her taste buds with amazing food.